Vienna, AT



Screamarts, the fast-emerging young drum & bass producer from Salzburg (Austria), now based in Vienna, began his music career in 2012, and since then his skills in the production lab have led him to be a front runner in the race of newcomer artists in the genre. He is known for his dark and melodic sound, which has been featured on Noisia Radio, Drum & Bass Arena, and DNB Portal, alongside countless other channels and labels.

During 2018, he began to really make his musical mark, and he has seen releases on T3K Recordings, Subplate Recordings, Major League DNB, Lifestyle Music and more. Following this, his hit track ‘Tribes’ was released on Delta 9 recordings in 2019, alongside some serious follow up releases on Flexout, Dispatch Recordings, Overview Music, Blackout and Eatbrain. This shows his variety and being able to use his music skills ranging from soothing liquid to foundation shaking deep and minimal grooves up to devastating neurofunk, he got it all as part of his ever growing arsenal.

This highly technical artist has sent waves through the drum & bass live scene over the last few years, and now he is touring the world, from Europe to Australia to the UK and so forth. Screamarts has undeniably established himself to be an important part of the scene and is well on his way to the top.

Sat Nov 18 - Rubix Warehouse, Melbourne
Fri Nov 24 - La La Land, Brisbane
Sat Jan 13 - GET IN STEP presents Eatbrain Night, Paris