Bedford, UK



For nearly two decades, MC Fokus has been one of the most reliably innovative and consistent lyricists in drum-n-bass music. Throughout his tenure as both a performer and recording artist, he has built a sterling reputation for quality, one that has earned him widespread acclaim. And with drum-n-bass hurtling into a new era of exciting growth, he stands at the vanguard, his voice as clear and vital as ever.

Fokus’ love for manipulating vernacular was cemented in secondary school, where he grew to passionately love hip hop music – especially the role played by that of the MC. He was already mainlining the music of hip hop luminaries like Wu Tang, Busta Rhymes and Cypress Hill, when he heard a Don FM tape of early jungle and hardcore. The same friend who gave him that tape purchased turntables soon after, on which the young Fokus learned to mix. He also happened to begin experimenting on the microphone. Very quickly he embraced this newly discovered rave culture, going to events, collecting flyers and tape packs, and hanging out at Nookie’s Daddy Armhouse record shop. But he eventually found himself drifting away from the turntables, becoming more invested in lyric writing and hosting, and soon began finding new places where he could perform and hone his skills.

With an already vibrant local scene, it wasn’t long until Fokus was cutting his teeth on the wealth of pirate radio stations in the area. By the early 2000’s he was hosting regular shows on Origin FM, where his flow soon found the ears of a wider DnB audience – and in particular those of Mark System. Their ensuing friendship led to the young MC finally emerging onto the London club circuit in 2004, as well as his first bookings abroad.  As his stock rose, he established residencies at nights like Traffic, Intrigue in Bristol, and Renegade Hardware, the latter being one he would maintain until its very last, legendary night. While he built his reputation in London, he was growing into a road tested performer, both across the UK and around the globe.

In 2011, MC Fokus added a new job title to his resume, that of recording artist. His first record, “Structure”, was produced by the iconic Skeptical, and released by the seminal Dispatch Recordings, with whom he would forge an enduring alliance. In 2015, Dispatch released his 4-track EP with Homemade Weapons, “Chrysalis”. In 2020, the label showed exactly how strongly they believe in Fokus by putting out his first ever solo EP, “Frequencies”. Since that first record, he has collaborated with such producers as DLR, Black Barrel, Dub Head, DBR UK, Tephra & Arkoze, Bredren and Ben Soundscape, with appearances on labels including Sofa Sound, Renegade Hardware, Innerground, Flexout Audio and Vandal Records.

Going forward, MC Fokus continues to push himself to the forefront of Drum & Bass lyricists. His content has meaning, rhythm, substance and a versatility that enables him to be at home in any performing or production scenario. In his own words, “I think it’s important for an MC in this scene to evolve with the music and avoid the cliches.” We are now in the golden age of the drum-n-bass MC, and that talent and skill is helping fuel his mission to position himself as an artist in his own right. No longer content with simply being a feature, Fokus is now intent on reshaping his legacy for the ages. 

Upcoming shows

Fri Jul 26 - Metalheadz at Volks, BrightonSat Oct 5 - Nøcturn #9, Toulouse Sat Nov 9 - Flexout Audio at Fabric, London